Described as “totally committed”, Alicia is dedicated to thoroughbred racehorse training.

Growing up with horses and her connection with animals led a fifteen year old Alicia Macpherson to work for a local trainer as a track rider. Like a sponge she absorbed the knowledge and experience of those she worked with. Recognising her call in life to be a racehorse trainer, an ambitious Alicia applied for her trainers’ licence at the age of eighteen.

At the time, Alicia was possibly the youngest female in Victoria to apply for a trainers licence and was granted a restricted picnic licence. She was soon to prove her abilities as a trainer with her first horse winning its first start. Fifteen years on and experience under her belt, Alicia is thoroughly enjoying her chosen career and deserving of her reputation as a successful and respected trainer.

Described as “totally committed”, Alicia is dedicated to thoroughbred racehorse training. It’s a family affair at Minstral Park. Alicia and her two sisters ride track work for the stable. Her parents are integral members of the team and work tirelessly alongside Alicia, all of them living and breathing racing.

Alicia has much pleasure in seeing a young horse come into her stable, grooming and educating it and then racing it successfully. She has had tremendous satisfaction from turning around a horse that has come to her stable at the end of its career only to discover its untapped potential.

Known for her dedication, connection and understanding of a racehorse, Alicia brings out their best. No one can doubt that Alicia is a skilled trainer, doing what comes naturally.

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